October 21, 2007

100% GIRL!!!!!

Didn't ever have to put my makeup away from the boys- they were never interested in it (Thank Goodness). Now with a girl it's a whole different ball game! This was Sunday morning... Avery was ready for church and I had just gone into my room to finish getting dressed. She was so cute when I found her- she just let out a great big scream and a giggle. I personally love the lipstick and blush at the same time trick. She's even better than Mommy!!!!

Enjoying a nice fall evening-2007

Avery and her shoes! She's an addict- these are her dress up shoes but if she can't find these she always manages to find another pair. And David stole her toy to pose for pictures- yes I warned him it was pink but he said if he held it like a bat it ddn't matter what color it was;)
Eli and David took a break from " leaf wrestling" to let me take a picture of them.
Alex is learning to ride the Longboard- he's not much for pictures so we had to get one a little far away. I think we'll have to get him his own longboard for next summer. He was really having a good time riding on our newly paved, smooth road!

October 19, 2007

Just a few more photos and then I'm done :)

More photos from Moab

Our family trip to MOAB- So FUN!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so were not really the camping type of family. Manuel isn't a big fan of trying to fit in a sleeping bag and I'm not a big fan of the bugs and mosquitos and not taking a shower. So, we were looking for a place to go where the kids could run free, get dirty and be "kids" and where we could actually sit and relax and enjoy some comforts of home! Well we are excited to report that we actually found a place where everyone is happy!This Lodge is right on the Colorado River. Once we arrived in Moab and started our way down the canyon it became clear that our van wasn't any match for the Jeep trails that would eventually lead us to the Lodge. We decided to turn around and head back to Moab to call the Lodge for them to come pick us up. Since it was getting dark and we couldn't get a hold of the caretaker at the lodge we decided to stay in a hotel the first night. We were so lucky, with some assistance from Bree over the phone we finally located one of the last rooms availabe in the entire town of Moab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The kids were excited to be out of the car and we all went swimming before heading to bed. Alex and Rich (Alex's best friend) ended up sleeping on the floor but we promised them it would be worth it once we made it to the Lodge. In the morning we reached the caretaker, Bill at the Lodge and he came down to get all of us. Once the kids got to the lodge they were soooo excited! The boys had their own room with 2 sets of bunk beds and they just started running everywhere chasing lizards, checking out the ATV's, hiking up the hill to the Hogan- from the outside it blends in with the rocks, looks like a big boulder with a door on the front, the Navajo indians helped build it and it was very warm and cozy inside.
This is Alex, David, Eli and Rich at the "Wind caves" or "The Grotto". We had to ride the ATV's(FUN, FUN, FUN) to the Wind caves and I must say it was one of the coolest places I've ever hiked. There are caves and caverns and little narrow passage-ways that lead to more caves. It was a little chilly at first but as we spent a little time there and the sun came out more it started to warm up. We took lots of pictures, explored everywhere, found lots of lizards and even a wild rabbit and a RATTLESNAKE!!!! Alex was the first to spot it, but we all got to see it as it hid under the shade of a boulder!!! Really neat!!!! The kids hiked down to the river, got lots of rides on the ATV's, hiked the rocks and played in the Red Sand till there was no more daylight!
Family picture at the Wind Caves
This was the morning that we had to leave, So Sad- we could have easily stayed much longer. The kids were pretty excited because instead of driving down the mountain for 45 minutes we arranged for the kids and Chelsea to get on a jet boat on the river and the Jet boat took them into the city. Manuel drove down with Bill and all our luggage and met us in Moab. What an awesome family vacation. We'll definitely be back again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!