December 26, 2007

Santa's helper

With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas I had forgotten about this picture. It is just sooooo cute I had to share. I found Eli asleep a few nights before Christmas with his Santa hat on, complete with some drool off the side of his bed!!!! This boy is just the cutest thing ever- I wish he wouldn't grow up so fast!!! Merry Christmas!

December 19, 2007

Mullett Maintenance

Avery got her first haircut on Tuesday, Dec. 18th.
I was so scared to cut her "baby hair", but really it was getting out of control!!!! She wasn't really sure what to think but at least she didn't scream! Thanks Cherisse!
The last picture is the "AFTER". She was more interested in the candy can- get that?- than posing for me, so I'll have to send along some better after photos. She really looks so much cuter now with her little bob!

December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Manuel!

Oh my gosh............. I can't believe my husband is 40!!! What an awesome man I am married to! He's always so humble and doesn't like anyone to fuss over him, but just for a moment let's cut the humble stuff because I would like to brag for a moment- we will have plenty of time to be humble later!

These are a few of my favorite things about MANUEL.....

1. Hello, he is drop dead gorgeous- don't tell him I think so, don't want to boost the ego too much!

2. He is tied with my Dad for the "Hardest Working Man"- I'm dead serious his work ethic is amazing. He never stops and even when he's traveling or outside in the cold he just keeps going without ever complaining!

3. PATIENT, CALM, EASYGOING- That sums it up right there!!!!

4. He always pitches in around the house- that is worth gold to me.

5. Functions exceptionally well on 6 hours of sleep!!!! This is truly an admirable quality since I need at least 8 hours even to think straight!

6. He loves to PLAY, he is still a kid at heart and I love that he plays so much with the kids. They really look forward to when he's home so they can wrestle and chase him. They won't admit it but they even love it when he gets out the Gorilla costume!

7. He loves me no matter WHAT!

8. He loves winter and the snow especially!

9. He is very generous and always puts others before himself. He really values the time he gets to spend doing things to help other people!

10. He loves carrot cake without the cream cheese frosting- If your wondering why the cake in his picture has a mound of Whipped Creamin the middle that is why. His birthday request was "real" homemade carrot cake WITHOUT icing. Sooooo Funny!!!!

I love you honey and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays together! Thanks for everything!!!!! XOXOXOXO

December 09, 2007


In the back of my mind, I know Avery will be 2 in a few weeks but when I downloaded these 2 pictures from my camera it was a big reality check!!! Her little personality has blossomed so much over the past month and along with that she has developed her own sense of fashion!!! She really is a riot, she loves to layer tons of clothes on top of whatever she is wearing. She sort of reminds me of "Punky Brewster", yes I know that dates me but it's true!
She is very independent and makes sure we all know she's in charge! I tried to give her carrots the other day and she pushed her plate back at me and said "I don't want dat!!!!" She also has developed a new hobby... We call it crib jumping. I don't seem to remember the boys climbing out of their cribs till much later. A few weeks ago Avery got into my makeup bag And I was so upset that I needed a minute to cool off and to clean up her damage so I put her in her crib. Not even a minute later she comes sauntering- Literally- out of her room with the biggest grin on her face. She tasted the feel of freedom and has not forgotten it! Every night at least once she gets out of her crib and comes and climbs into our bed. I even found her heading down to the boys room at 3:00 am a few nights ago. It is quite an adventure!!!!!!

December 08, 2007

Felize Dia de Madre

Okay so I have no idea if my Spanish is right but I'm sure you understand. Today is Mother's day in Panama!!!!!! Okay so I don't get to celebrate 2 mother's days every year- I WISH- but Manuel did let me sleep in till I woke up at 10:15 am. And at this point in life that is like being on vacation!!!! So with more sleep than I've had in years I was ready to go today. We decided to do some things for Manuel's Mom today. She is so incredibly patient and she treats me as well as she treats her own daughters so we definitely owe her! She went to Salt Lake for the day and we went to her house and cleaned and painted and bought her a Christmas tree. We still have to go and help her decorate it but it was fun and with all the snow today the feeling of Christmas was certainly in the air. I think we must have got 8-10 inches of snow today and it was so FUN!!!!!!!!
Anyway, Happy Mother's Day, Mama- We love you and are so grateful for everything you bring to our lives!!!!!!