January 20, 2008

Sweet Sunday Mornings

I was really looking forward to having church at 1:00 in the afternoon, but mostly because I could sleep in and not have to shave my legs on Saturday night. I could also cook a decent breakfast and maybe have the kitchen cleaned up before I ran out the door still trying to put on my heels or my earrings. One thing that I didn't realize is that Sunday mornings feel sort of sacred. Avery and David both slept in today (rare occurrence- yes I know) and when they did wake up it was freezing outside, David joined Avery for a little snuggle on the couch (of course he must have his leapfrog in hand) but sitting close together with a blankie, a few stuffed animals well isn't that what childhood memories are made of! Anyway I'm loving the Sunday morning time, no cartoons, some Sunday music, a little extra sleep and a good hot breakfast- yeah baby!

January 19, 2008

Silly boys!

These boys are such a riot!!!! Alex is usually first to duck out of any photo sessions so I was happy he decided to join his brothers as they modeled their costumes and showed off their muscles. Eli and David have decided to dive back into the Halloween box and found some of their costumes and honestly I have to pry the costumes off them at bathtime each night. David even wore his out on a "date" with Mommy the other night. Eli's zipper is broken and he still insists on wearing it. I actually found him a spider man costume that fits him better and has a zipper so while he was wearing it I threw away the Thing costume he is wearing inthe picture. It served him well during it's time here but all good things must come to an end!

January 05, 2008

Birthday Girl!!!

Happy Birthday Miss Avery!!!!! Ahhh, what a bittersweet day... our little girl is 2 now! So we are loving the hilarious little girly things she does, we love her kisses and hugs, we love when she scolds the boys right after we get upset with them, Her Dad swears he hates it, but we even love when she climbs in our bed at 6:00 am and when we realize she's there she softly strokes our cheek, we love watching her clomp around the house in my high heels and play in my lipstick. With all of that said we are not sure we are ready for what comes in this little package. We have only had a few glimpses of her sassy side but let it be known we are not sure we are ready. She is sooooo INDEPENDENT!!!!! We are so excited to see what the next year brings, yes we are buckling our seatbelts but ready for the ride!!!!
Avery modeling her necklace, bracelet and ring collection from Aunt Bree and Uncle TJ, complete with chocolate ice cream all over her face and shirt.
For just a few hours on Avery's birthday it was surprisingly warm outside, she enjoyed running around and playing outside before the storm blew in later that day!

January 03, 2008

No more pictures and Happy New Year!

I tried to get a picture of Avery's cutest little outfit that she wore on New Year's Eve. This was the look she gave me- she does not like to have her picture taken. I'll have to try again next time she wears it, it really is that cute! Anyway, Hope you all had a Happy New Year!!! I suppose one of our goals for the coming year will be to somehow convince her that the camera is her friend!!!