November 28, 2007

Justice League and other Funnies;)

Oh, these kids are just hilarious!!!! David is learning the Pledge of Allegiance in preschool and he was super excited to recite it to me. So he gets in the car and starts belting it out and at the end where it says "...with liberty and justice for all" he adds his own words. According to David, it says "...with Liberty and Justice League for all". Can I just tell you I almost had to pull the car over. I have to admit though that I feel a little guilty because when he finished he asked me if he said it right and I actually told him "Yes", but just because it was so cute- I had to hear him say it again!
His second little comedic moment happened with Manuel the other day. Manuel was downstairs working and David went with him. When Manuel started working he said "Oh no David we forgot to bring the radio, we don't have any music." David very confidently starts repeating the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle, the cat and the fiddle................ and I use the word repeating literally. So Manuel starts dancing a little while holding back his need to laugh. David was absolutely serious and kept repeating his little song.
Avery is going to be 2 in January and it is just so incredible how smart these little people are. She has been saying HOLA for a long time, but just recently has started trying new words in spanish. She says gracias, and Como estas and escuela. She has a few little songs that she sings one is in Spanish but she loves to sing Twinkle twinkle little star. Of course it sounds like she is speaking another language except for the last word she always gets ...SKY. She has the tune down perfectly and actually changes her pitch of her voice while she is "singing". She is such a joy right now and is so entertaining when we are driving and she sees Christmas lights, she just starts screaming in her loudest highest screech LIGHTS, LIGHTS!!!! Complete with feet kicking and arms flailing, the best part is that she does it at every house with lights. It never gets old!!!!!

November 10, 2007

Family Picture Day!!!!

Okay, here's a sneak peak at some of the pictures from our "Family Photo Day". I won't post anymore till I decide which ones are going into our Christmas cards this year, but I just couldn't wait to post the kids pics. I must say the boys are so HANDSOME!!!! I totally fell in love with this picture. Big Thanks to our Photographer and Friend Shannon for actually getting them to sit in one place and all cooperate (no bunny ears, hitting, or eyes closed).
So, Avery is another story......... She wouldn't wear her bow in her her and she wouldn't smile in very many of the family photos, but when she was off on her own sitting on Shannon's stool she was happy as can be!!!! You gotta love the road rash on her nose- the day before pictures she was running and did a face plant onto the asphalt. Should I have it photo- shopped or just leave it for her to see when she is older??? I'm thinking we may just leave it- it is pretty funny!!!!

November 07, 2007

Happy Haunting!!!!

Happy Halloween- yes I know it's a week late!!!! My computer was having some issues so it took me a little longer to get these posted. Anyway this is the only place you'll see a "family Halloween photo" and especially with all of us dressed up!!!! It was a great day- we took the kids to the "trunk or treat" at the church and were so grateful that the weather was so nice. It makes the whole process so much more enjoyable when you don't have to wear thermals under your costumes:) Alex and Eli insisted on getting more candy so Manuel stayed at home with David and Avery and I scoured the neighborhood for the best houses to get the most candy. They had a great time!!!!!!! There's nothing more fun than reliving your own childhood!!!!
Avery is dressed up as a kitty, but the little ears she was supposed to wear on her head didn't even last a minute. She was not too sure about the whole day UNTIL she started seeing the CANDYYYYYYY!!!! This was the "deer in the headlights" look since her mouth is full of candy and she has some in her hand.

This was supposed to be David's costume but just before his Halloween party at school he decided he didn't want to wear it. If you'll notice in the Family pic he is wearing the same costume that he wore last year- The Flame!!! He looks so THRILLED! Alex was "Death Rider" and Eli was a Ninja!!!

To CARVE or PAINT the pumpkin?????

We thought we could just get by with painting the pumpkins this year, but of course Alex and Eli wanted to use a knife and carve theirs. So we opted for painting for the little kids and carving for the older boys. As you can see... I'm not sure which was the best choice. The kids got equally messy, they all had lots of fun and they had to meet with the soap either for their arms or their entire body (Avery). Nilette helped dig out all the insides, which was a first and possible a last for her:)