October 28, 2009

The Icky stuff

Dear Mr. Flu:
We'd like to Thank you for your visit. We have had so much fun while you were here... these are a few our favorite memories;

the 2 hour trip to the after hours clinic at our doctors office, with lots of other sickly coughing children, only to get a giant Q-tip shoved up our noses (seriously GIANT) until we think it touched our brains.

the lovely facemasks which we were so excited to wear,

the search around the valley for some liquid Tamiflu (did you know that even with insurance a box of Tamiflu for adults is about 100.00- yikes), which resulted in not actually locating any,

the chills and the fevers

the stomach aches and all that goes along with that- you get the picture, right

the constant hummmmmm of the washer and dryer running

the headaches (I'm sure the makers of Motrin are raking in the bucks this flu season)

the coughing and stuffy noses
the smell of Lysol from Mom spraying everything in sight- watch out she might accidentally spray you

We'd also like to Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for letting us miss school and everything else for an entire week plus 2 weekends!
We're glad you decided to leave, you have officially worn out your welcome.

P.S. Please don't plan any more visits
P.S.S. Please leave us alone for any major upcoming holiday ie. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years!

Alex, Eli, David and Avery
This big collection of meds has been residing on my kitchen counter, no need really to even try to put it away. It has been an eventful past 2 weeks, thankfully Manuel and I made it through without getting sick. This is all going back to the medicine closet today- ciao!!!!!