March 29, 2008


Ummm... What's been going on at our house this past week. Well some of us are recovering from a nasty cold. Alex and Eli are counting the days till their birthdays. We had a good Easter weekend with Spencer and Erica up visiting from Las Vegas, an awesome Easter Egg hunt in the backyard after Easter dinner. We really just hung out and relaxed except for our Park City excurison. We had a brilliant plan to go on a "sleigh ride". I had envisioned each family on their own sleigh dashing through the snow. Not even close- we were all jam packed onto a sleigh and the horses were going really slow, it was very windy and thus arcticly cold. Eli and Erica both have allergies and upon climbing off the sleigh Eli starts turning red and thus the itching and the swelling of the eyes begins. Of course, I have no Childrens Benadryl with me so by the time we make it to the Park City Walmart, he is screaming and rubbing his eyes like crazy. There is horse hair all over the blankets and his coat and it is just a DISASTER!!! We all stopped at Bajio to eat and Manuel sat in the car with Eli, holding him from rubbing the eyes till the Benadryl kicks in!!!! That was a really "special" experience.
With all that behind us, I thought nothing else could happen... Boy was I wrong!!! Mr David the puker, gagger kid in the family has been having issues. Check out our new neighbors blog and read the entry titled " A kid named "Ralph" . Really honestly he threw up at my neighbors house- what a great idea to puke at the neighbors house who we've only known for a few weeks. Anyway, this just started his puking issues for the week. He was playing hide and seek and was hiding in the bathroom closet with Eli. Eli comes bolting out yelling that he threw up in the bathroom closet. When asked Why David, Why? Because Eli's breath stinks. Ugghhh!!! He found a snake in the yard and was holding it, and started throwing up b/c the snake was stinky (In his defense, my sister said it really was stinky) He threw up in my room because he didn't like how Avery was chewing her gum- Ridiculous. And tonight well we took him and the boys to see National Treasure 2 and he puked at the movie theater because he didn't like the smell. Hello it smells like buttered popcorn!!!! This is out of control- maybe this warrants a trip to the pediatrician. Yikes I keep thinking of all the places he might throw up and it is mortifying!!!! We should just stay home and never go anywhere;(
We'll look forward to a new week and hope for the best!!!!

March 16, 2008

Long Awaited...

Panama City, Panama Temple
When the groundbreaking for this temple happened in October, 2005 we never imagined it would take so long to complete. We were so excited a couple of days ago when I received an email with the Open House dates and the Dedication Date. The open house is July 11th-26th, 2008 and the Dedication is August 10, 2008. This is the rainy season in Panama, but we are thinking about packing up all the kids and taking them on a trip of a lifetime. I guess I better get cracking on the kids passports and all that good stuff!!!!!! We are excited to see the people in Panama benefit from having a temple so close- it is a blessing to be able to attend the temple!!!!

Happy Grandparents Day

Grandparent's Day was last Friday at Alex and Eli's school. Since their other Grandparents live out of state, Abuelita was the only one who could go and visit their classes. They had lots of fun and Abuelita got to share stories of when she was their age. We had to translate for her but the kids were very interested in her story and Alex and Eli really enjoyed having her there. Thanks Abuelita, we love you!

March 09, 2008


Last week (2-28-08) Little Miss Avery fell in our bathroom and hit her head on a tile step. David was climbing in and out of the bathtub and of course she must keep up with him. She had to get 2 staples in her little head since the cut was so deep. It was really scary but she was a trooper! She was so cute, while we waited in the InstaCare waiting room she saw my lip gloss in my purse (she is a lip gloss fiend), so after she motioned for it I gave it to her. She held it so tight while we were at InstaCare and then until she was home and had fallen asleep. It is in her had in this picture but she has it so close to her that you can't see it very well. Anyway she didn't want me take nay pictures of her head so this is her after seeing the doctor. Last Friday (3/7/08), they took her staples out. She did so good and didn't even cry at all. She got to go and get a Doughnut with David because she was so brave!