February 24, 2008

Happy Days!

Yeah!! We actually survived the move and week 1 of disorganization and chaos! We are slowly digging out, but still wondering where a few things are. It is quite a fun surprise to find things that we have been looking for ie. Avery's shoes. I know she had them before we moved and I could only find 1 of 3 different pairs of shoes. I needed them for church today so our mission yesterday was to find them. Of course they were in a box that somehow didn't get labeled and was thus residing in the garage. Yeah for finding things that are lost- now only if we could locate my wedding rings that have ben lost for over a year now. I'm still holding out hope that they are somewhere in my office, which we will be moving this week!

Anyway, we are loving the new house! I'll send out "official" change of address notes as soon as I get a little more together. Until then if your in the area please stop by, just consider yourself warned if the house is upside down!!! I'll send pictures soon- really I will!!!!!
New address:
1571 North 250 East
Orem, UT 84057

February 01, 2008

No picture today!!

Okay, so usually I like to post pictures of the kids for all our friends and family to see. Today is different, for a few reasons, but mostly because we are all sick! Really, no one wants to see pictures of us from this week or last week and at this rate probably the coming week. Can we ever get better?? I see a ray of hope every few days when one of the kids seems to be a little happier, but then someone gets something else. We THANKFULLY have had only minimal throwing up, but the tummy aches, fevers, coughing till your eyes feel as though they may fly right out of your face and your stomach muscles ache, exhaustion, earaches- I think you understand, It is just brutal! To go along with this we are just buried by all the things we have going on at the moment. (Yes, most of them are self inflicted so no sympathy for this part;)

*Moving Day is coming fast- I keep telling myself that Ihave more time to pack, but it's FEB 1st, that is 2 weeks until I'm supposed to be ready to leave this house!!! YIKES!!

*Manuel is travelling- this is Manuel's crazy work time of the year, so tomorrow he ships out for Idaho and Montana. I absolutely hate him travelling at this time of year. Please keep him in your prayers!!!

*House preparations- we have to sell the house and that means Manuel needs to finish the million projects that he has started and never finished over the years. Since he's out of town and I am packing us, this will probably have to wait.

*Taxes, yes it's that lovely exciting time of the year. Exciting and stressfull all rolled together.

I'm sure there is more going on but that feels like enough for the moment. Although I'm stressed (TKS for listening), I also feel oh so blessed. I have a wonderful family, an absolutely phenomenal husband, we are so excited about the new house. We look forward to whatever life brings to us and are grateful to know those people who have shaped and influenced us.