June 26, 2009


(Okay, still working on Part 2 to my last post, I promise it's coming.)

I will be the first to admit I have a serious love/hate relationship with all things LAUNDRY!

I love to sort the laundry, I hate to pick it up from the floor in what seems like every room, every day!!!

I love it when my laundry room is clean and smells good, but I hate that I have to clean it everyday to keep it that way.

I love having warm, clean smelling clothes fresh out of the dryer, I hate that my washer is continually having issues- serious issues!!!!

I love to fold laundry, I hate putting it away.

I think it's time to eliminate some of my "hates". After reviewing them I think getting a new washer is the one I actually have the most control over and the one I may actually have some success with (previous attemps to have some boys in my home help with picking up said dirty clothes or helping to put away said nicely folded clothes has proved highly unsuccessful!)

So I'd like washer recommendations, I am looking at the front loading kind that wash LOTS of stuff at once and that can accomodate big fluffy blankets!

Let me know if you have a washer and dryer set that you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!
Happy Weekend to you!!!!

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Dianna said...

Kenmore is the brand, but I've never had a front loader. I share your love/hate feelings for laundry. I just wish my laundry room was finished.