August 14, 2009

Sloppy Joe's

So the other night our ward has the "Annual Ward Picnic, Car Show & Pool Party" at a local park.
I thought just by the title we could find something for each member of my family to enjoy, Who doesn't love a car show anyway! After a disappointing phone call from Manuel telling me that he was going to be home late and would be missing this "high on his priority list" activity, I decided to go at it solo. After all, it's just a ward picnic, car show and pool party, I can do this one by myself.
So after I've parked the car and given the boys the lecture about eating healthy, not touching the food unless your planning on eating it, no smelling things if your not sure about them and only choosing 1 dessert then I let them loose.
I decided to just sit down and save us a spot to sit while they navigated the food table, Avery had stopped at the playground so I could just eat after the boys got their dinner.
Eli arrives at the table first with a cupcake, 3 pieces of cake and a large pile of potato chips in the center. He quickly drops his plate on the table and races back to get a cup of root beer. Upon his return I asked him where his dinner was. "This is my dinner, it's all I like over there" I see the talk in the car really made an impact....
David arrives next, strangely he has the exact same thing as Eli. He sits down very quickly and starts inhaling cake while not making eye contact with me or answering me when I say his name. After several bites of cake he finally looks at me and says "Mom, they have some wierd hamburgers, but not really hamburger thingys over there. I can't eat them or I'll throw up"
Alex then sits by me with a strange look on his face but a much better looking dinner plate, he nods to his plate and says "What is this Mom?"
Oh, the mystery dinner item is a Sloppy Joe.................................................. I said to Alex" You should try it you might like it."
The sweet sister next to me, who has quietly been listening to all of this sits up a little straighter and sticks her head very close to me and in her best speaking voice says " Do you mean to tell me your kids have never had a Sloppy Joe, what on earth do you feed them?"
What on earth do I feed them? I was just wondering if I missed a memo about sloppy joes being a staple in the diet of picky children? I think I'll be revamping my menu to try and acclimate them to the american classic of Sloppy Joes!
Oh and by the way, the car show was a hit- especially with the 5 and under crowd! The pool party was great except everyone was freezing to death. Can anyone tell me why it is so COLD here in Utah in the middle of August??????
Wishing your family lots of fun at your Annual ward picnic this year- I bet your jealous that you didn't get to have a car show too;)

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Dianna said...

I am jealous, mostly about the cool August weather though. This is a great post! I love the lecture success rate. Alex is obviously your oldest and the most likely to try and please his mom. Way to go, Alex! It is hilarious that they haven't ever had sloppy joes, but you didn't tell us if Alex liked them. Keep up the great writing!