September 23, 2009


On Memorial Day which also happened to be David's birthday this year, we had a VISITOR!

I jumped in the shower and as I'm lathering shampoo through my hair I hear yelling and excitement and commotion and "there's an emergency" type of pounding on the bathroom door. So I shut the water off and try to resolve the problem as best I can with a head full of shampoo.
Alex: Mom, I need you RIGHT NOW
Me: What's going on Alex?
Alex: Just hurry MOM
Me: Alex what is the problem, I'm kind of in the shower.... Where is your DAD?
Alex: I don't know where Dad is but you better hurry
Me: Alex can't you.....
Alex: MOM, there is a giant iguana on my window? Can you get out and help me???
Me: (thinking to myself) (An iguana.... he is so joking, if there really is an iguana how do I catch it? Do they bite? Why on earth is there an iguana in UTAH? This kid is such a joker, there are not even lizards in this part of Utah)
Alex: Mom are you coming, nevermind Eli found Dad now!

So I finish my shower and put my bathrobe on.... the house is SILENT. I guess I better go take a peek out the window.
There are about 20 people who live on our street on my front lawn, maybe there really is an iguana! I run back to my room to get dressed so I can go out in the front yard and this is what I see (it's tail is actually about 3 times as long as it's body and it is so strong) .........

Seriously, I wouldn't ever have expected this! What an fun surprise! We found out it had actually escaped from the neighbor's house a few doors down about 6 weeks before this. Thankfully Manuel was able to use his iguana catching skills and get it before it ran away again!

There's never a dull moment around here:) We wouldn't want it any other way!


Riley and Steph said...

Wow! I would have totally FREAKED out! That is huge!

Dianna said...

I think that was meant to be - who else in your neighborhood could have caught an iguana but Manuel? And who else would have NOT freaked out about it? Anyone else would have ordered it thrown away or something. Great story!