September 30, 2009

Goodbye September

and Hello to OctoberNovemberDecember. They seem to speed past me so I'm just going to combine them into 1 word!

So as we bid September farewell here's a quick update...
One last day at the pool before it closed for the summer. The boys are a little sad, they have really enjoyed the Flowrider.

David turned 6 years old on September 7th, we spent the morning relaxing since there was NO SCHOOL and then after wrangling an Iguana (see previous post) we spent the afternoon at Pirate Island Pizza. We had dinner in Smuggler's cave and then the kids played in the arcade forever. Super FUN and it was perfect for David!

We have been enjoying our garden and the tomatoes have been so yummy. It is so nice to be able to walk to the backyard when I need something. This year we grew 3 varieties of peppers, onions, carrots, 3 varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, zuchini, yellow squash and we tried corn (not sure what happened to the corn).

Avery and I flew to Las Vegas to visit my Mom and my brother Spencer for 3 days. Avery broke my camera so I am still waiting for pictures from Mom and Spenc (hint, hint), but we had a great time and Avery especially enjoyed playing with her cousin Colin.

I turned 34 on September 18th. Looking forward to a Great year!

We spent lots of time playing at the park. This is the boys rolling down the hill at Rock Canyon Park in Provo. We have also been enjoying South Fork Park up Provo Canyon.

Eli and David are taking a Hip Hop and Breakdancing class. It is super hilarious and they are really enjoying it. David is loving all the moves & practices standing on his head and spinning around at least every day. Eli is loving it too, but maybe a little more b/c he has some friends in there. It's a good thing! I'll get some pictures as soon as I get a new camera!

I'm off to break out the Halloween decorations- BOO!


Riley and Steph said...

Your right these next few months go too fast! I need to take my kids to Pirate Island - it looks way fun! Where is this flowrider thing - I want to try it!
Oh - Happy Birthday!
It was good to see you. Let's not wait another year to get together!

Dianna said...

That sounds like the perfect class for Eli and David. I can just image how funny they look and how tired they are after (good for you). Tell everyone hello from Aunt Dee Dee!

The Drawes said...

Yeay!! I love your updates!!! When can we get together for some planning for the season?!?!